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In late 1982, a number of computer interested people who lived in the mid San Francisco Peninsula area looked for computer help. In 1982 or 1983, computer stores, schools or colleges had no classes available, as there are today. As with educational school evolution, people interested in computers met together, schooling and educating themselves, known as Computer User Groups So came about the beginning of the San Francisco Peninsula Computer Club, also known as SFPCC.

The first official meeting of SFPCC was held in March of 1984. This was long before Microsoft Windows was invented or DOS had become a personal computer standard. At the time, what most club members had in common was CP/M operating system, a standard at that the time. The club's original named was KAYFUN. "KAY" came from Kaypro CP/M computers, manufactured by a company who was also providing the US Government with computers and similar to another popular computer called Osborne. The FUN came from the point that members would attempt to have FUN making their CP/M computer more productive tool.

From 1986 to 1987 it was evident that IBM wanted to create an XT computer standard and join hands with the then little company called Microsoft, who was providing an operating system called DOS. Kayfun Computer Club recognized it was time to change its focus with the times and computer industry. XT computers not only were cheaper, but there was a standard, so that every program would run on everyone's personal computer (PC).

Although Kaypro also changed its focus, as did others, it too financially failed as off-shore clone computers became less and less expensive. So as the computer community interest had changed to DOS or today Windows, it was time to change the club's name to San Francisco Peninsula Computer Club or SFPCC.

Over the years, SFPCC members focused on computers providing their life productivity. In addition, as club members share, each member knows where to get successful help. In the past and present, the typical club year consists of meetings that are 1/3 presentations from computer vendors who focus on selling their product. The next 1/3 of our meetings come from either club members or person/s who demonstrate software or a computer product that has made his life more productive. The final 1/3 are open forum meetings in which club members and visitors exhibit or present problems or issues to which someone else in the room may have a solution. In the past, SFPCC has had presentations from companies as large as INTEL, Microsoft, Logitech, US Robotics and as small as local computer store proprietors.

Since its beginning, in March 1984, San Francisco Peninsula Computer Club (SFPCC) has met on the 2nd Thursday of the month, at 7:30 PM, in the city of San Carlos, a couple of blocks north of Holly St (exit off of freeway 101) and one block west of El Camino Real, at 222 Laurel St, in a Social Room. Over the years, the club membership has varied from 50 to 100 members, with about 20 to 25 people coming to a typical meeting. From time to time SFPCC also has Saturday workshops, where on-hands Window applications are used.

In that telecommunication is so much a part of computers, on March 15, 1985 SFPCC (Kayfun) had their first Bulletin Board System (BBS) on-line for members and local computer community users. In 1995, with the growth of the Internet,. the SFPCC Executive board met at a local Internet Service Provider. Months later SFPCC had their first Internet Web site, initially by the graciousness of a club member and then later through sponsorship of SLIP.NET, a San Francisco Internet Service Provider.

As we come upon 1999, SFPCC is commencing its 15th year, of existence. Fifteen years, though young in some club circles, is a long time as it relates to the computer industry, and as a computer club. Actually, SFPCC is one of the oldest computer clubs in the country, still meeting at the same location and time. As a club, all past and present members are proud of the leadership provided to attain this stable longevity. Yet most of all, everyone is proud of SFPCC helping to provide each visitor and member ideas for making computers more useful and productive in their daily lives through attending SFPCC meetings.

Special thanks to goes out to SLIP.NET the original sponsor's of SFPCC 1st Website.

As a club, the SFPCC mission statements continue to be:

* A computer club that serves the local computer community users.

* A computer club that changes with the computer industry as needed.

* A computer club that never becomes so large, that a visitor is missed being recognized.

* A computer club where each member shares experiences so that the club provides dependable. assistance and direction for focusing on computers to make our lives more productive.

* A computer club where we have fun doing all the above.

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