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The San Francisco Peninsula Computer Club (SFPCC) is a private, non-profit institution supported by the annual dues of its members. All persons interested in any aspect of personal computing and its numerous applications programs, whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced user, will find that the SFPCC offers a lot to interest him or her.

The club's aim is to shed light on the wonders, excitement and value of computers in our everyday lives. Our members are constantly seeking new ideas and concepts to make our enjoyment of computers a richer and more rewarding experience.

At  our monthly meetings we present programs on subjects specifically related to the use of one's computer, presented by one or another computer vendor, or by one of our SFPCC members. Occasionally, we have a "free forum"  evening where attendees can discuss personal computer questions with the group, and usually get an immediate response that will help answer one or more questions, and frequently clear up a problem by offering solutions from one or more of those attending that evening.  The latest computer products are noted as they become available to the general computer community. In addition to the regular meetings on the second Thursday of each month, occasional Saturday workshops are also scheduled on topics of interest to the SFPCC membership.

We publish a bi-monthly newsletter with reviews of programs tested by SFPCC members, and announcements of meetings and events enjoyed by all levels of computer enthusiasts. SFPCC has its own web page at, with e-mail to the Webmaster available there. In addition, SFPCC also sponsors a computer bulletin board with numerous public domain and shareware programs available in archived format at 650-571-9259. We are located in San Carlos, California, and invite computer users of all ages and level of expertise to come enjoy, share and contribute.

Membership is not required for attendance at our monthly meetings.

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