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RESTART, DON'T REBOOT WINDOWS 95 There are a number of ways to reboot your computer: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice, press the Restart button on your system (you know where it is), or choose Start|Shut Down, select Restart the computer, and click OK. But did you know you can restart Windows 95 without rebooting your entire system? (This trick comes in handy after making Registry changes for which you need to restart Windows 95.) Choose Start|Shut Down, select Restart the computer, then--and here's the trick--hold down Shift as you click OK.
 (tip was past on by Ernest Hintz)

Having trouble finding a driver  for  your computer hardware?...Try Drivers Headquarters website

Problems receiving E-mail attachments.....Have a look at a new product for Windows 95 and NT that has just be released called "e-ttachment Opener" by Dataviz which is suppose to allow you to open, view, print , decompress and save the file regardless of you mail software package...For more info check or your local Egghead store

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